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About the Film


Leandro is a teenager who wants to enjoy the night out with his friends. But tonight, all the hate accumulated by small daily aggressions is directed into a fragile target. The short film is inspired by a homophobic attack in which teenagers used as weapon fluorescent lamps on 2010 in Brazil.

About the Film

“Laio” is based on actual events. This short is an independent production that shows how an ordinary teenager becomes a brutal aggressor in a moment of explosion. This is a teen movie about group behavior and how small everyday violences can worsen the prejudice and make it physical. The film is a fictional reconstruction of a homophobic attack occurred in São Paulo, in which a group of teenagers used fluorescent lamps as weapons. We intend to discuss the human drama and not turn our characters into victims or villains. It is up to the viewers to draw their own conclusions.

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